GIGA Publishing is a leading company within Milano scene for everything deals with publishing. We do publish a pretty good bunch of media, some of them in partnership with BEMA editrice. We also share with clients our skills on publishing tools. On the backend side, our staff is able to develop any sort of webapp, using Ruby if possible - well, any language the client needs, we can do it. On the frontend side, we organize events, and produce videos too. Here a short list together with a quick specification of services we do provide to clients

All our media are available for advertising from clients. Display, newsletter, print magazine, we offer a great variety of channels.

Our staff has developed a deep experience with many cms and frameworks available on the market, php (wordpress, joomla, ez), phython (plone), ruby, sharepoint not much indeed, and is happy to share views with anybody on the subject.

We have worked with several CRM solutions both for ourselves and for clients too, Salesforce and Fourth Dimension among others, and are able to implement dedicated infrastructure for clients.

Appropriate email planning, sending and monitoring is very important part of our publishing house, and we share with competence with best clients too. 

We organize two to six events a year, especially for non for profit foundraising devolving revenue to Bertini NGO Foundation. Usually they are really happy parties.

We own and mantain sort of twenty dedicated vps on Linode. We know that hosting can be a critical factor for publishing businesses, and we are proud to say we now have established an highly reliable hosting solution. If you are not satisfied with your fully managed hosting solution, if you don't have internal competences to open machines on Linode, please contact us we can help. 

Leibniz Engine is the name of the custom ruby cms we developed and we use for our best websites and clients' ones too. It is a project we have been researching and working on for pretty good time, and we have a particular feeling with it.

All our designs are mobile first, and all our websites are responsive. When custom interaction is needed, we develop ios and android apps too.

There are not many challanges that a simple and clean restful webservice cannot cope with. We believe that loose coupling is a must for every web based architecture. Send us your diagram, we will develop your service

Developed through some years of practice, our User Interface Design motto is: Keep Your Graphic Designers on a Short Leash. If you share this with us, then we can work good together.

Our team is able to shoot professional video, and with its Canon equipment is at disposal of best clients only. It can be a tutorial, an Openhouse, a still life product launch, every occasion deserves its video production. 

Publishing on the web, is about making websites. If you need a website you can ask to an engineer, and it will be quite ugly baby. Or you can go to a graphic designer, and in our opinion it is even worse option. With GIGA publishing you don't have to choose between the good and the well. 

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